Established in 1985 ascontract manufacturer of underwear , our company has attained a place in the sector in marketing and sales areas in 1996 and kept its growth consistently since then.

Our products with Ceylanoğlu and Ceysan brands are currently manufactured in İstanbul Bağcılar and Sivas Organized Industrial Site on a 10.000 m2 area and also in our ownplants.


Bağcılar Plant

Ready-to-wear, storing and ship ment processes are carried out diligently in our ownplant in Bağcılar on a 2500m2 area.



Sivas Plant

Almost 60% of our production capacity is realized with our 250 employees in ourplant in Sivas Central Organized Industrial Site on a 6000 m2 area and productions are made ready for sale.